Client Testimonials

Once I started working with Joseph, I immediately saw the difference between his firm and other accountants. He takes the time to explain my tax situation with me and advises me with my business. His advice regarding QuickBooks has been extremely beneficial to my business. I now understand the finances of my business better, which has helped me to make better decisions and save money. If you are looking for an accountant that will help you to grow your business, I highly recommend Joseph L. Belbol CPA, LLC.

-Phil Niosi, Silver Hanger Cleaners


Joe has assisted us with our taxes for years. Joe takes a very consultative approach to our situation, he is not just an order taker. He has worked with us over the course of the tax year to examine where we stand and explore opportunities to reduce our taxes and/or our audit risk in advance. In addition to providing soft copies of tax returns and secure file transfers, Joe provides a regular newsletter with useful information on the ever changing tax code."

-Name withheld upon request


My wife and I moved to New Jersey about 6 years ago. Up until 2010, we used the same accountant located in Queens, NY who was also a close friend of our family. This year we decided to try another accountant. I have to say that it was the best move we ever made! From the first meeting with Joseph, I felt extremely comfortable. He was attentive, thorough and asked all the right questions. Joseph uncovered issues and expenses that were never brought to our attention in all the years before with our old accountant. As a result, we received a return that was nearly 100% higher than we received in 2009. I would recommend Joseph Belbol to my family and close friends without hesitation.

-Larry and Elaina DeVardo


After going through a big tax preparation company and two other individuals who tried to do our taxes, we finally found our accountant. Mr. Belbol has done our taxes for the last 3 years. I know our taxes are in good hands.

We are not his client on paper only, over the time we became friends. One of the highlights of his practice is the newsletter he mails to his clients. In those letters you get a chance to become more familiar with the new rules and regulations.

So far, we only had personal tax filings, but in the future if we need an accountant for a business, there is no question about which accounting firm to go to.

-The Daryani Family


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