Client Testimonials and Reviews

I started a small business in 2006. On the recommendation of a friend, I opted to use the services of a large accounting firm. The service was impersonal, hurried and of little help as a guy just trying to make some extra money. My bank manager recommended me to Joe Belbol the following year. In the time since I signed on with his firm, my business has grown exponentially. In 2013, my sales literally DOUBLED and then some. I attribute my success last year directly to Joe’s guidance and knowledge. He gave me some advice at the beginning of the year, and it was a true turning point for my company. I began charging the right prices for my products and services, and not allowing foolish mistakes to cost me revenue. Joe Belbol is the best asset a small business owner can rely on. Don’t tell the IRS, but he’s worth his weight in gold!



I highly recommend Joseph. He is easily one of the best professionals I have ever interacted with. I was pleasantly impressed with how quick and flexible he was at accommodating my particular requirements. I will certainly do business with his firm again.

-Jorge Cruz


I have used Joe Belbol's accounting services ever since I moved back to New Jersey from Florida. As a physician with many different accounts and work related expenses, it's very hard to keep everything on track. I don't have any worries when I send my information to Joe. The information is organized and the tax return completed quickly so that I can receive a refund in a timely manner. The return is always easy to understand and if I have any questions at all, he is always available. This year I have to juggle three retirement accounts and a promotion at my job. We also are in the process of adopting a child. All of these things make tax filing that much more complicated. I am confident that this year will go as smoothly as the past.

-Dr. Neil Campbell, Associate Medical Director Women's Heath Complete Care


I find Joe to be incredibly helpful when it comes to helping me take care of all the different financial aspects of my career and interests. Joe is a lot more than just an Accountant, he is a Financial Adviser in the truest sense of the title. He not only answers questions for me (no question seems too hard for Joe to respond to), does all of my taxes and helps me maximize my interests, but also pro-actively comes up with ideas and ways where I can save even more money! He has put me in touch with contacts he knows as part of his regular course of networking, and putting like minded NJ business people together and that has been an asset as well. His rates are more than fair and I highly recommend utilizing Joe Belbol as both an Accountant and Financial Advisor.

PS I also love his monthly newsletters and often get valuable information/insights from them as well!

-Joe Malone, Account Executive NJBIZ


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